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Solutions to measure for automotive electronics.


E85 Ethanol and Temperature Ethanol Rate OLED Display Box

Display unit of the rate of ethanol and temperature fuel sensor to connect on the return line, including:

Box display on screen white miniature OLEDS (turquoise possibility) to microprocessor... More...

E85 ethanol and temperature OLED display box with analog output

Ethanol and fuel temperature display box with sensor to be connected to the return line, comprising:

Display housing with miniature white OLED screen (possibility turquoise blue) with... More...

Microprocessor, custom Rev limiter

Microprocessor speed limiter package, with parameters and functions that can be changed on demand.

Principle:  Interruption of the supply of the injectors by transistor when a speed... More...

Electronic power 32A, normally open relay

Electronic power relay box, rated capacity 32 a.

Theoretical capacity: continuous (excluding connectors): 150A; Pulse (20 us): 520 A

Cut-off voltage range: 5 to 28 V

Control voltage range... More...


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