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Latest news

Monday 5/3/18: limited STOCK: tripod reinforced for longitudinal tree PEUGEOT 405/BX 4 x 4

Thursday 13/7/17: new: in Accessories body: body of head of rugged gear (nylon), including PEUGEOT 405 leather knob lever.

Thursday 9/3/17: new: microprocessor engine Rev limiter; electronic power relay 32 A in new electronic Solutions section.

Saturday 31/12/16: new: wedges high temperature of ignition for XU10J4 and XU10J4TE motors, plastic coils (in Special 405 T16... / engine accessories).

Saturday 28/5/16: new: line exhaust stainless steel high performance complete or separate components PEUGEOT 405 T16. New: Support of fuel pump.

Tuesday 6/2/15: new Joint scraper tripod of longitudinal tree PEUGEOT / BX 4 x 4; exclusive (in Special 405 T16 and transmission x 4/other parts of transmission T16 and x 4)

Friday 28/11/14: new design of the clips from hoses radiator 28 mm with reinforcement internal stainless steel (in Accessories / connectors for fluids).

Thursday 6/11/14: RESTOCKING: hoses and hoses XU10J4TE kits.

Saturday 27/9/14: RESTOCKING: pulleys 6PK XU10J4/TE, ring reinforced for input shaft BT tk2br/B/BR, pentagonal tool for removal of main shaft flector BX/405 4 x 4.

Thursday 08/9/14: new: emulators Kits to microprocessor for the replacement of the original XU10J4TE oil pressure sensor, for original and modified vehicle; in Special 405 T16 / engine management parts / transmission.

Monday 25/8/14: new: shutters air butterfly (in addition to the original air intakes) for XU10J4TE. In Special 405 T16 / engine accessories.

Monday 21/7/14: new: Joint SPI 49 x 60-5 (especially for Peugeot 405 transfer boxes input shaft / Citroen BX 4 x 4: tk2br, TK2B, tk2a); ATD exclusive, Performance product.
In enjoy / Joints SPI and Special 405 T16 and x 4 transmission / parts box transfer T16 and x 4.

Wednesday 2/7/14: new: cooling hoses and PEUGEOT 405 T16 individual hoses being manufactured Kits, available in 1-2 months; low quantity, to book now! In the section Special 405 T16 / engine accessories.

Tuesday 22/10/13: new: Kit STAGE 3 clutch for 405 T16, disc 235 mm high performance; available in the section Special 405 T16 / clutch.

Special 405 T16: Clutch 405 T16 high-performance ready; Being validated.

Saturday 20/4/13: new: SPI seals hard to find for transfer cases, in Accessories / seals and Special 405 T16 and transmission x 4 / other parts of transmission T16 and x 4.

Monday 25/2/13: new: clutch (228 and 235 mm) Kits with fork; soon, gear nylon for the oil pump to transfer TK2B (405 x 4 with ABS) and tk2a (405 T16) in Special 405 T16. Other parts/gears manufactured on request nylon.

Wednesday 04/25/12. New: Design parts plastic custom unit or small series. Discount with quantity. Get in touch for a quote.

  • Kit black silicone hoses
  • Tripod reinforced for the main shaft
  • In the course of manufacturing: trees of transfer

Friday 13/05/2011. New: air intakes body Butterfly 405 T16, in Special 405 T16/other parts. Hydraulic clutch again available transmitter rod.

Wednesday 20/10/2010. New: ring guide transmitter clutch 405 T16. in Special 405 T16 parts clutch control.

Monday, October 18, 2010. New: level of shaft in stock; in Special 405 T16 / (other) transmission parts.

Friday, August 13, 2010. New: black 17 silicone coolant hoses kit; in 405 T16/other parts.

Monday, July 19, 2010. New: check valves in 405 T16/other parts.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010. New parts: fuel pressure regulators.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009. New: longitudinal tree landing, limited stock! in topic (other) transmission parts.

Thursday, September 17, 2009. New: link to clutch machined in the mass, under other parts.


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