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Latest news

Tuesday 10/10/23: NEW: Half washers for secondary shaft of ME5 gearboxes, in ME5 gearbox

Thursday 29/9/22: NEW: Programmable height sensor for PEUGEOT 405 4x4 validated, available on ORDER.

Wednesday 18/8/21: NEW: Small series in STOCK of ride height sensors for all PEUGEOT 405 4x4, in Special 405 T16 and x4 transmission / Engine/transmission management parts.

Monday 3/5/21: NEW: XU9J4/XU10J4 Cylinder Head Cover Screw Cup Gaskets, Experimental Product, Contact Me for Free Trial; see in Specific Accessories/Seals.

Friday 23/4/21: NEW: Ride height sensor for all PEUGEOT 405 4x4, in Special 405 T16 and x4 transmission / Engine/transmission management parts.

Monday 8/2/21: NEW: Sealing sleeve for longitudinal shaft, in Special 405 T16 and transmission x4 / Other transmission parts x4.

Tuesday 28/7/20: FIXED TRANSPORT options that were blocking the ability to order.

Friday 12/6/20: NEW: Custom TEFLON seals; Product available in STOCK: XU10J4/TE air distributor gasket in Specific Accessories/Seals.

Friday 14/6/19: Reinforced clutch +25% PEUGEOT 405 T16: new limited stock.

Saturday 26/1/19: NEW: lightweight adjustable camshaft pulleys for 16s XU9J4 XU10J4/TE in the Accessories/Engine section; NEW PRODUCTS: Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator for BWM/PSA/VW Rail

Saturday 28/4/18: NEW: ME5 gearbox parts (5th torque, axle), PEUGEOT 405 T16, 605 SRTi, 806 2.0 TCT, CITROEN XM 2.0 TCT ...

Monday 5/3/18: LIMITED STOCK: reinforced tripod for longitudinal shaft PEUGEOT 405/BX 4x4

Thursday 13/7/17: NEW: Robust gear knob body (nylon), for PEUGEOT 405 LEATHER knob (Accessories / Bodywork).

Thursday 9/3/17: NEW: Microprocessor engine speed limiter; 32A electronic power relay, in the new Electronic Solutions section.

Saturday 31/12/16: NEW: Ignition coil shims for XU10J4 and XU10J4TE engines, high temperature plastic (in Special 405 T16 ... / Engine accessories).

Saturday 28/5/16: NEW: PEUGEOT 405 T16 high-performance stainless steel exhaust system or separate elements. NEW: Fuel pump holder.

Tuesday 2/6/15: NEW PEUGEOT/BX 4x4 Longitudinal Shaft Tripod Scraper Seal; Exclusive (in Special 405 T16 &amp; Transmission x4/Other T16 &amp; x4 Transmission Parts)

Saturday 30/5/15: NEW PEUGEOT 405 T16 clutch pedal assist mechanism (in Special 405 T16 and x4 transmission/clutch)

Friday 28/11/14: NEW design of the 28 mm radiator hose clips, with stainless steel internal reinforcement (in Accessories / Fluid Connectors).

Thursday 6/11/14: RESTOCKING: Hoses and hose kits XU10J4TE.

Saturday 27/9/14: RESTOCKING: 6PK XU10J4/TE pulleys, reinforced ring for BT TK2A/B/BR input shaft, pentagonal tool for BX/405 4x4 main shaft flector removal.

Thursday 08/9/14: NEW: Microprocessor emulator kits for the replacement of the original oil pressure sensor XU10J4TE, for original and modified vehicle; in Special 405 T16 / Engine / Transmission Management Parts.

Monday 25/8/14: NEW: Butterfly air intake shutters (in addition to the original air intakes) for XU10J4TE. In Special 405 T16 / Engine Accessories.

Monday 21/7/14: NEW: SPI gasket 49x60-5 (especially for the input shaft of the Peugeot 405 / Citroën BX 4x4 transfer cases: TK2A, TK2B, TK2BR); exclusive ATD Performance product.
In Accessories / SPI &amp; Special 405 T16 Seals &amp; Transmission x4 / T16 &amp; x4 Transfer Case Parts.

Wednesday 2/7/14: NEW: PEUGEOT 405 T16 cooling hose kits and individual hoses in production, available within 1-2 months; small quantity, RESERVE NOW! In the Special 405 T16 / Engine Accessories section.
NEW: MICROPROCESSOR Water Pump Control Box, in Pumps / Water Pumps.

Wednesday: 7/5/14: NEW: Digital machine-cut crankcase gaskets for TK2B transfer case (Mi16x4, T16).

Thursday 30/1/14: NEW: STAGE 1 replacement clutch (original vehicle) for PEUGEOT 405 T16, 230 mm disc. available in the Special 405 T16 / Clutch section.

Friday 3/1/14: NEW: HIGH QUALITY longitudinal shaft braces for powerful PEUGEOT 405 / CITROËN BX 4x4 vehicles; in the section Special 405 T16 &amp; Transmission x4 / Other Transmission Parts ....

Wednesday 23/10/13: DIFFERENTIEL CENTRAL PEUGEOT/CITROEN 4x4 kits in STOCK; in Special 405 T16 and Transmission x4.

Tuesday 22/10/13: NEW: STAGE 3 clutch kit for 405 T16, high-performance 235mm disc; available in the Special 405 T16 / Clutch section.

Thursday 3/10/13: New models of high-flow water pumps; New sections: SPI, O-rings, Specific; New: Gaskets for injectors in Injector Accessories.
Coming soon microprocessor water pump control.
Special 405 T16: High performance 405 T16 clutch ready; In the process of being validated.
COMING SOON: Complete heat exchanger insulation kit.

Friday 12/7/13: COMING SOON: High performance 405 T16 clutch; Torque resistance +25-30%. Description in Special 405 T16/Clutch.

Thursday 16/5/13: NEW: PEUGEOT 405 rocker clips; oil rail O-rings XU9J4, XU10J4/TE; SUPER SEAL electrical connectors, in Accessories.

Saturday 20/4/13: NEW: Hard-to-find SPI seals for transfer cases, in Accessories / Seals and Special 405 T16 and Transmission x4 / Other T16 and x4 Transmission Parts.

Monday 25/2/13: NEW: Clutch kits (228 and 235 mm) with fork; Soon, nylon gears for TK2B (405 x4 with ABS) and TK2BR (405 T16) transfer case oil pump in Special 405 T16. Other nylon parts/gears made to order.


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