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GTX 2867R Gen 2 turbo kits

Kits of engine preparation XU10J4TE with turbo GARRETT GTX 2867R Gen 2 for collector of origin.

ONGOING validation: GTX 2867R Gen 2 bearings ceramic turbo Kit, SP98 or E85 injection high-performance

Kit GTX 2867R generation 2 ready to go on PEUGEOT 405 T16 or engine XU10J4TE, ceramic bearings fuel SP98 or E85 to the choice.
The kit installs with minimum changes:
  • on the original collector
  • on the line of original exhaust
  • the lines of water (check front and back behind) origin are used with stainless steel custom, machined on digital machine, adapters comply with prices of original
  • the finish line of original oil through a restrictor custom stainless, specially designed to reduce the risk of clogging

  • true turbo-compressor GARRETT GTX 2867R generation 2, ROUND-TRIP carter turbine = 0.86, entirely paid and equipped. visually similar to the 2860RS GT and the GT 2871R.
Ceramic bearings for quicker climbs in regime and a greater life expectancy.
  • descent stainless steel tube, welded to the TIG with internal protection gas, stainless steel flange 8 mm LASER cut
  • stainless steel on original collector, attached stainless steel included adapter
  • stainless steel screws, small accessories (joints, flange)
  • calculating specific preparation, for improved fuel injection system
  • injection kit (described in the section Pieces injection) full performance
  • port by registered and insured

Equipment of the turbo:
  • stainless steel water connections (2), inlet oil restrictor integrated special anti-clogging
  • stainless steel down pipe
  • stainless steel adapter on collector of origin with studs welded and joined inox
  • together pre-assembled with stainless steel screws

  • joint for descent of oil tube, two stainless steel screws included
  • stainless steel screws for fixation of the turbo on the collector
  • clamp of the tube of descent on collector, two stainless steel screws provided peacekeeping

Maximum power: up to about 500 HP in SP98 and 550 ch in E85, following the engine/cylinder head/admission/exchanger/exhaust work.

The injection system high performance included in this kit is the one proposed in the section (injection Kits).
The XU10J4TE engine needs to be strengthened at this power level: equipment reinforced piston/connecting rods.
The installation of camshaft engine XU10J4 (ACAV) is highly recommended (setting of trees information available on request).
Specifically for PEUGEOT 405 T16, the reinforcement of the transmission (trees of transfer, differential differential before, tripod of transmission shaft, central) must be performed at this level of preparation. Available under transmission parts (machined) parts.

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