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Hydraulic clutch set rehaul service

Rehaul service of the hydraulic clutch set from PEUGEOT 405 T16 (N/A from PEUGEOT)l.

Openings, controls, cleaning, restoration of altered components (piston, seals)
Filling and... More...

NYLON clutch rod loaded GLASS + staple

Clutch rod in nylon charged glass. For vehicle Peugeot 405 T16.
The original plastic part is no longer supplied by Peugeot (NFP).

A new original staple is provided installed.

Material: Nylon... More...

High strength clutch rod METAL + staple, on QUOTE

Clutch Rod reinforced stainless steel/bronze. Vehicle Peugeot 405 T16.
The plastic part of origin is no longer supplied by Peugeot (NFP).

A new clip of origin comes installed.

Material... More...

Clutch pedal string set

Mechanism of assistance and maintenance of the clutch, fully redesigned by ATD Performance pedal.

very robust nylon sliding partsmain spring to increased calibrationsteel protection... More...

Locking ring, black nylon

Ring replacement for the issuer of hydraulic clutch.
Easy set-up... More...

Transmitter insert

Replacement insert for the hydraulic clutch transmitter. CNC-machined in chromium molybdenum steel. More...

Rod reinforced piston of transmitter

Replacement stem reinforced for the piston of the hydraulic clutch sender... More...

Guide ring, black nylon

Replacement Guide ring... More...

Transmitter replacement hydraulic clutch cover, new material

Cover of the hydraulic clutch, fully redesigned by ATD Performance transmitter... More...

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