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Specific seals

Cylinder Head Cover Screw Cup Gasket, Set of 3

Lot of 3seals for cylinder head cover.

Material: sintered polyurethane, grey appearance.

Photography: Synthetic image not representative of the surface condition of the finished product. More...

Kit of 4 joints 28 x 40-8 mm

Four cylinder gasket Kit.
Custom-made plastic elastomer (NITRILE) high-temperature.

Suitable especially for PSA XU9J4, XU10J4 and XU10J4TE electric candles wells (cylinder heads 16s: Mi16 I and... More...

11 O-rings Kit ramp oil XU9J4 - XU10J4 - XU10J4TE

Kit of 11 O-rings made of high temperature elastomer material (NITRILE).

Particularly suitable for the lubrication ramp of PSA XU9J4, XU10J4 and XU10J4TE engines (16s cylinder heads: Mi16 I and... More...

Flat seals custom fabrication, sheet gasket or nitrile on request

Design and manufacture of flat gaskets on measure from sheet resistant to oils or nitrile elastomer reinforced gasket high temperature and thermal insulation.

Contact me for a quote. More...

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