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You can find here various reprogramming stages for the PEUGEOT 405 T16 or cars with XU10J4TE engine using original MAGNETI MARELLI 1AP10 fuel injection system:

ECU reprogramming STAGE 1 for cars with XU10J4TE engine (no vehicle speed sensor)

ECU STAGE 1 preparation for vehicle with engine XU10J4TE and management of origin, without speed sensor vehicle... More...

ECU reprogramming for cars with XU10J4TE engine (custom geabox box ratios programming)

ECU reprogramming STAGE 2 for cars with XU10J4TE engine and original fuel injection system.
Optimal turbo control thanks to CUSTOM gearbox ratios programming... More...

CUSTOM ECU reprogramming

ECU custom program for 405 T16, original or modified engine... More...

Option programs electronic switch

Special support to choose simply using a switch between two computer programs; for example original / amended (Stage 1 to 4) or SP98 / E85.

Product sold separately, only available as a... More...

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