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Hold of ignition coil 

Hold of ignition coil, for XU10J4 and XU10J4TE motors.
Hollow part, flexible plastic high temperature.

Material: Nylon grey frit


Set of 4 wedges of ignition coils

4-piece set of ignition coils, for XU10J4 and XU10J4TE motors.
Parts hollow, flexible, plastic high temperature.

Material: Nylon grey frit More...

Washer stainless steel compensation 0.5 mm for link collector-VAT25

Stainless steel washer with thickness 0.5 mm.
Can be used to offset the crushing of the metallic seal of origin of the collector-VAT25 instrument. More...

Stainless steel seal for link collector exhaust - VAT25

Stainless steel seal for sealing of the link collector exhaust - VAT 25.

Compound of three stainless steel sheets welded to community service; the Central sheet is formatted on matrix for a... More...

Throttle body gasket

Gasket throttle body, carved on numerically controlled machine.

Material: sheet gasket resistant to oils; thickness calibrated; beige appearance.

Nylon for throttle body air intakes 

Air intakes for the butterfly enclosure black nylon. Manufactured on digital machine... More...

Shutters throttle body for prepared vehicle

Shutters in black nylon for the butterfly enclosure. Manufactured on digital machine... More...

Shutter turbo thermostat

Shutter release turbo thermostat; replaces the original release pipe.

For engine XU10J4TE with isolation of the exchanger.

Material: Nylon sintered aluminium (metallic grey appearance... More...

Stainless steel oil inlet fitting for the VAT25

Oil inlet fitting for original turbo (Garrett VAT25). Exact stainless steel copy of original part. CNC-machined. More...

Replacement for alternator MITSUBISHI insulator

Replacement insulator made of robust high temperature (NYLON sintered, stained black). More...

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