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Kits turbo GT 2860RS


GT2860RS turbo kit for original SP98 (STAGE 1) injection system

Kit ready to mount on PEUGEOT 405 T16 or XU10J4TE engine.

  • on the original collector
  • on the original exhaust line

  • the original oil arrival line thanks to a custom-made stainless steel restrictor, specially designed to reduce the risk of clogging

  • true turbocharger GARRETT GT2860RS, A/R turbine housing = 0.64, fully tuned and equipped
  • stainless steel descent tube, TIG welded with argon shielding gas, 8 mm stainless steel flanges cut with LASER

  • stainless steel screws, small accessories (gaskets, flange)
  • specific ECU preparation, for original injection system

Turbo equipment:

  • stainless steel adapter on original collector with welded studs and stainless steel gasket


  • holding flange of the downpipe on manifold, two stainless steel screws included

The calculator preparation is offered for this evolution, provided you order this kit first.


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