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New kit completed, SPI and O-ring for transmission boxes 405 T16 joints (ME5KX / TK2BR)

Joints for transmission 405 T16 Kit (ME5KX / TK2BR), including:

Seals for the gearbox (ME5KX):

From left to right:
  • o-ring transverse shaft (cardan) left; as a replacement for the unavailable specific seal.
  • joint SPI left box
  • left closure plate o-ring
  • seal right, exit box

Seals for the transfer box (TK2BR):

  • joint SPI left: 49 x 60-5 (produced exclusively for ATD Performance)
  • seal O-ring original entrance shaft
  • seal of transverse shaft (cardan) right
  • seal rear output

Additional o-ring in place between the two boxes on the shoulder of the transfer case.

All SPI and O-ring in NITRILE seals high temperature.

All SPI double lip seals.

Color: according to stock, generally dark blue for SPI, or black (may be possibly coolers).


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