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NEW Kit clutch STAGE 3.1 calibration + 25% pre-balanced, high-performance vehicles 94-95, on order

Non-contractual photography with the old version 3. Update of upcoming photography.

New kit clutch revised and increased, version 3.1.
Strong calibration to structure reinforced for prepared engines. Designed and validated by ATD Performance.

Kit includes:

  • mechanism randomly reinforced structure, comparable to the original part structure, diaphragm FORT calibration, special clutch hub; pre-equilibree room (*)

  • release stop special high capacity (revised)

  • specific stop guide, screws 10.9 (revised)

  • specific enhanced range, vehicles 1994-1995

  • 4 x 4 special disk to trim high performance: carbon - KEVLAR - copper; hub amortized

  • hardware mechanism specific high strength grade 10.9 + studs receiving hydraulic class 12.9

  • Rod low friction, hybrid nylon + steel axle locking by spring (added)

  • kit for assistance of pedal spring tare increased by 50% (adds)

Large clutch kit capacity is achieved largely through the presence of a new spring diaphragm designed by ATD Performance. The reinforced structure allows the mechanism to support the excess of force applied on the disk, without deformation.

Torque resistance capacity is increased by approximately 25% compared to a kit of origin; either a theoretical torque of about 50 kg.m resistance.

Ideal set for programming Stage 4, kits (Stage 5 and E85) injection and Turbo kits GT28xx.

(*) Mechanism balanced with a tolerance of approximately 5 to 10 grams of unbalance.


The increased calibration of the mechanism makes all of the clutch under additional constraints command.

It is very recommended to strengthen the following parts if they are original:

  • support for receiver-> replace the studs by M8 studs steel class 12.9 (supplied)

  • Rod binding pedal - hydraulic transmitter (included)

  • piston rod of transmitter-> enhanced version available in hydraulic clutch control

  • shells of transmitter-> must piston rod be in perfect condition; available in hydraulic clutch control


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